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USDA Rural Home and Energy Loans
Sometimes it seems that there are a lot of advantages to living in a city over the country life. Yes, the country is quieter, more wide open spaces, and some say you can even breathe easier out in the country. However, when it comes to getting a home or small business loan for a two-street town or small farm out in the country, the process may seem very difficult indeed. Luckily, the United States Department of Agriculture has a rural development agency that is designed to assist communities and individuals living in the countryside or less economically developed areas.

A Guide to Buying Mississippi Farms For Sale
If you are interested in farms for sale in Mississippi, you will find that the state has some excellent fertile soil capable of growing many different crops You will also find that there are many different sizes of farms for sale from small home farms or mini farms to full size agricultural farms sometimes called Agri land capable of sustaining a decent income level for the farmer

Ag Commissioner says changes on way to help local farms
State Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black wants to make life easier for small, local farmers, he said Friday.

Ag cuts a worry for state
ATLANTA - A Republican budget proposal cutting roughly $5 billion in federal agriculture spending would have a "pretty devastating effect" on the state's single-largest economic sector, U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop said Wednesday.

Agricultural Tax Tips
If your deductible loss from operating your farm is more than your other income for the year, you may have a net operating loss (NOL). You may also have an NOL if you had a personal or business-related casualty or theft loss that was more than your income.

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